Special Ed Speaks Introduction

Hello Everyone!  Thanks for visiting my blog, Special Education Speaks!  This blog is for teachers, parents, and anyone that has an interest in the special needs community.  My name is Amber Robertson and I decided to start this blog because I love the field of special education.  I am a teacher for students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  I love the students I work with and am constantly learning from them.  The field of special education is ever changing. While there are innovative and great things happening in this field, I feel there are also many areas that have not changed for years and need to be improved.  There have been great shifts in becoming more inclusive in the classroom and society but we are far from close to embracing everyone no matter what their ability or disability.  I think this is a topic that needs to be explored more thoroughly.  I would also like to use this blog to share experiences with each other that may help in the special needs community.  I am always looking for ways I can improve as a teacher and so I will be sharing things that I am doing in the classroom in hopes it may help spark some ideas for other teachers and parents.  I would love to hear your ideas too!  Finally, I hope that we can share resources with each other that may enrich the lives of people living with disabilities and their loved ones.  Far too often I hear from my students’ parents, friends, and family that it is very hard to find the resources that they vitally need.  

Please have a look and don’t be shy.  Leave me a comment!

As a side note:  I do not endorse any particular group or site and the things I post are from my own personal experiences and opinions.

Thanks!  Amber Robertson   


4 thoughts on “Special Ed Speaks Introduction

  1. Good job Amber! I can’t wait to see how this grows. It truly takes a village, and every little bit helps; suggestions, ideas and encouragement from everyone on this journey, in whatever role.


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